Saturday, 9 November 2013


It's Remembrance weekend - more commonly known as Poppy Day.

? Feb 2012 - 8 Nov 2013
My darling little Poppy, a black and white cat, tiny in size but big in personality, was killed at five to ten on Friday morning, yesterday. I found her dead on the road outside my house, still warm and soft, but with a broken neck and half her face missing. 

This is a 20mph zone. A lady driving by - AT 20mph - saw a neighbour and me standing in the road and stopped to see what had happened and if she could help. She could see, and could stop, because she was travelling at 20mph. The majority of people go past at far, far more than 20mph - many at 40 or more. 

Where Poppy had tried to cross the road was precisely where a public footpath emerges onto the road.  No-one stopped, I heard no screech of brakes, there were no tyre marks on the road. It was a dry, clear morning on a narrow country lane on the outskirts of a small village. 

Another neighbour who called round said to me 'Your cat could have been a child!'

Yes, she could. Will that thought stop motorists from speeding? 

No, of course not! 

Rest in peace, little Poppy. I will dig your grave tomorrow, in the sunshine and as the church bells ring. Poppy Day will forever have an extra, other meaning for me.