Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mojo returning slowly

I've not done much at all for over a month. I lost interest after Poppy's sudden death. I completed a few outstanding orders, and took on no more. 

Poppy now lies in the flower border, near the bush she liked to sit under. Twelve bright red tulips are planted over her, and a sturdy oriental poppy in the middle of them. 

I don't know if I'll stay in this house, though. I had thought to stay here 'for ever' but  now ... I'm not so sure. About anything.

I was asked if I could 'fill in' at short notice at a somewhat-prestigious, hard-to-get-into craft fair the weekend after Poppy's death. My normal reaction would have been to jump at the chance, but instead I emailed the organiser to say 'thank you' but that I'd been recently and suddenly bereaved so wasn't up to it. 

But life goes on regardless.

I don't celebrate Christmas - I haven't done so for years, as I have no religious belief and the commercial frenzy surrounding the non-religious celebrations quite frankly sickens me  - but friends and acquaintances do, so I made some fabric origami stars as small gifts. They are very easy to make.

 A garland of four-pointed fabric origami stars, made with Christmas prints.
Fabric origami stars

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  1. Glad to hear things are settling down after Poppy's death. What a shame you are feeling so unsettled though, maybe the Spring will bring an uplift of your spirits. Take care, I love hearing of your exploits.